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The film

Thursday 23 October 2014

All the versions of this article: [عربي] [Deutsch] [English] [Español] [français] [עברית] [italiano] [Nederlands] [Português do Brasil] [Türkçe] is an informal group of about 30 people dedicated to video filmmaking and production.

People of Gaza, a 52 minute HD film, is born of our encounter with Ayman T. Qwaider, from Gaza, when he was a student in Spain and later France.

Our intention is to relay the forms of resistance to oppression, mainly non violent, support the Palestinian people in its fight for human rights and the inhabitants of the Gaza strip facing the blockade and the occupation.

The film is structured around testimonies of Gazans, young, adult or older, depicting their daily life under the occupation and the blockade, but also the legitimacy of their resistance and the necessary fight for human rights, in their land as well as everywhere else.

In fact, it is not as much a documentary as the staging of the words of a people that formed its expression during dozens of years of suffering and resistance.