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The Gazans, the hope

Thursday 23 October 2014

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The filming took place in Gaza beginning of 2013, during an almost bright period for the population, five weeks after the 12 days long aggression of November 2012.
The Gazans were proud of the valiant and above all collective resistance that they had put up.
The tunnels connecting them to Egypt were seeing a very intense activity, bringing building materials and all kinds of commodities.

Since then, the blockade tightened again, the tunnels have been destroyed, and the terrible aggression of August 2014 leaves the Gazans in dire circumstances.
Several of the people taking part in the film have seen their houses destroyed or badly damaged, near one die or being wounded.

They suffer, but hold their heads up.
It is this same determination and strength that had impressed us when we met them in January 2013.

This film is meant to make you feel a little of what the Gazans experience daily, and hear the deeper meaning of these words of life and respect of human rights without which peace is not possible.
They are strong values, which absolutely need to be shared in today’s disturbances affecting our world. We are all directly involved.